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Hittite Microwave: About

Hittite Microwave was founded in 1985. In July 2014 ADI acquired Hittite Microwave Corporation (HMC) not only adding more than 2000 titles to its product lines but reinforcing its team with new talented members as well. Combined portfolio now covers the entire spectrum of RF, microwave and millimeter wave.
HMCs product line includes high performance ICs, modules, subsystems and measurement equipment for hi-tech digital, RF devices with microwave and millimeter wave (X, Ku, K and Ka) frequency band within a frequency range of DC up to 110 GHz.
Digital ICs, RFICs and MMIC are developed using Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Silicon based processes. GaAs, GaN, InGaP/GaAs, InP, SOI, SiGe, CMOS and BiCMOS of semiconductors usinf MESFET, HEMT, pHEMT (HFET, MODFET), mHEMT, HBT and PIN diodes.

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