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Argussoft Company provides with the best electronic components from industry leaders

Hongfa is the first largest relay manufacturer in China and one of the leading relay manufacturers and suppliers in the world. 

We fully or partially own the following companies, Hongfa Europe GmbH, Hongfa America Inc., Shanghai Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd., Sichuan Hongfa Relay Co., Ltd., Beijing Hongfa Electroacoustic Relay Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hongfa Power
Electronics Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hongfa Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hongmei Electronic Co., Ltd., Ningbo Jinhai Electronic Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jinghe Electric Automation Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hongfa Hermetically-sealed Relays Co., Ltd., Sichuan Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd., Xi'an Hongfa Electrical Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jinbo Precious Metal Products Co., Ltd., and Xiamen Jinyue Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.. We boast a series of products,including relays, low-voltage devices, precise components, automatic production lines, etc. In particular, we offer a wide-range of relays, including signal relays, automotive relays & modules, power relays, industrial relays, latching relays, solid-state relays & power modules and hermetically-sealed relays. In total, we produce more than 160 series of relays, with over 40,000 kinds of standard specifications, an annual production capacity of 1 billion million pieces of relays. 

Source: www.hongfa.com


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