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Argussoft Company provides with the best electronic components from industry leaders

We are the Polish manufacturer of transformers. As a private company we have been present on the market since 1980. We have built a strong brand, which is associated with reliability and high quality of offered products. The activity of our Company is aimed at helping the Customers and ensuring their full satisfaction. Due to our long-time experience and a very good workmanship of our products we are able to meet the increasing demands of our Customers.

In year 2000 we implemented and certified the Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 9001. The correctness of system functioning is confirmed by the certificates
  • ISO 9001 - no 644/S/2008 issued by Zakład Systemów Jakości i Zarządzania
  • AQAP 2120 - no 644/A/2008
Our transformers are used in devices operating in many countries around the world, the majority of our products is being exported.

Source: www.elhand.pl

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