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Argussoft Company has more than 25 years of successful experience in Russian electronic components market


The Company history begins in 1991 when, under the guidance of Doctor of Technical Sciences Professor Efim Oykhman Argussoft Company was founded.
The focus areas of the company became the promotion in Russia and the CIS an object-oriented (OO) technology and providing top quality Custom Software Development and IT support Services to Customers.

Specializing in software development, the Company has played a significant role on the IT market; Argussoft was the first Russian company to receive a "Certificate of Compliance with International Standards ISO 9001 in the field of application software information systems." Certification of the company technology was held by a leading American company - registrar PERRY JOHNSON REGISTRARS, INC.
Argussoft Company started import of electronic components to Russia in 1993 signing a direct distribution agreement with the company ANALOG DEVICES; this determined the aspects of the company activities in the domestic market as the official distributor. And for more than 25 years, the company has been focused on the promotion of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic components in the Russian market as a distribution company.

This distribution agreement has been in effect for more than 25 years, until 2019.
The company has always paid a great attention to the technical support of its customers, from the first idea of the device to its final production. At all stages of projects the company specialists have assisted the customers.

The company has continuously maintained a high level of its technical staff. A high quality staff of the Argussoft Company confirmed by the fact that many of its former employees are now working for the world's leading manufacturers of microelectronic components.
In 1994 Argussoft signed a distribution agreement with the company TRACOPOWER, which produces high-quality and low-cost modules and power supplies. In today’s Russian power supplies market TRACOPOWER is a leading brand.

In the same year Argussoft became the first Russian distributor of Farnell company products. Russian designers got an opportunity to order the entire range of microelectronic products required for the design of industrial products using the Farnell catalog.

In 1996-1997 Argussoft signed a number of distribution agreements, including the ones with the well-known companies like ATMEL and BOURNS.

Further, the company expanded its portfolio of product lines:

2000 - a distribution agreement with HONEYWELL company was signed;
2001-2003 - the list of signed agreements was added with FABRIMEX;
2006 - the company has received the status of official distributor of LITTELFUSE;
2007 - an exclusive distribution agreement with Silver Telecom was signed;
2008 - partnership agreements with a number of leading manufacturers of power electronics and electrical products such as HvR, KUNZE, and Elhand were signed.
2011 - a distribution agreement with XMOS - multi-core processors for motor control, LED-making and multimedia tasks manufacturer.

The Argussoft Company has continued to expand the range of supplying products, considering the needs of its customers, as well as trends and innovations of the world electronics market.

The list of the Company customers includes more than 7,000 enterprises in Russia and abroad in such areas as industrial electronics, instrumentation, wired telecommunications, navigation and monitoring, security, energy, metrology, aerospace, instrumentation, medical, contract manufacturing, etc.

For more fruitful cooperation and interoperability with enterprises in the Russian regions in 2001 - 2002 branches in the industrial centers of the country - St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk were open; in 2007 such branch was open in Kazan.

Individual approach to the customer, consideration of his interests, close contact with manufacturers, skilled technical support - all this and more, combined with the company's highly professional staff – are basics of the Argussoft Company success.

История Аргуссофт Компани берет начало в 1991 году с момента основания компании доктором технических наук, профессором Ефимом Ойхманом.
В 1994 году было подписано дистрибьюторское соглашение с фирмой TRACOPOWER. В том же году Аргуссофт стал первым дистрибьютором в России компании Farnell.
В 1996-1997 годах подписан целый ряд соглашений, в том числе с известными фирмами ATMEL и BOURNS.
2000 г. - было подписано дистрибьюторское соглашения с фирмой HONEYWELL
2001 - 2003 г.г. - список подписанных соглашений пополнился продукцией фирмы FABRIMEX
2006 г. - компания получила статус официального дистрибьютора фирмы LITTELFUSE
2007 г. - заключено эксклюзивное дистрибьюторское соглашение с компанией Silver Telecom
2008 г. - заключены партнерские соглашения с рядом ведущих производителей силовой электроники и электротехнической продукции HVR, KUNZE, Elhand
В январе 2011 года было заключено дистрибьюторское соглашение с компанией XMOS.
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